Pallet Rack Guide

Our pallet rack information page is designed to help potential customers make a more informed decision about what type of racking system will best fit their needs.  There are also many informative articles and links on how to improve storage and efficiency. We hope you will find the information below useful when trying to determine your pallet racking needs.

Pallet Rack is the most cost effective way to gain additional storage space. It is also a great way to organize your warehouse and make your buinsess run more efficiently. Here is an article on used warehouse rack.


So you have started shopping on the internet and found that pallet racks are not cheap. However you can make the better choice by choosing to purchase used. 


5 Reasons to Buy Used Racking

1. Price

  • This is the most obvious reason so we will get it out of the way first. While shopping for prices it is also important to shop for value. You want to find a trustworthy source that stocks quality used material. To illustrate the price difference between new and used I have provided an example.

  • This link takes you to a 42" x 16' 3x3 teardrop upright listed at $242.56. Click this link

  • We sell the same product for $85. Just imagine how much you can save on 10, 50, or more pieces.

2. Availability 

  • Many of the new rack dealers put lead times of 1 - 2 weeks on all orders. This is because they do not stock the material and have to have it shipped through a different company or the manufacturer.

  • When you call Pallet Rack Surplus we can ship your order of used pallet racks the same or next day in most cases.

  • Usually no longer than 2 -3 days for shipping on ALL orders.

3. Quality and Condition

  • You do not have to give up quality and condition because you purchase used pallet rack.

  • When looking for a certain product to meet specific weight or condition standards, check with Pallet Rack Surplus.

  • We have material that comes in used but can be less than 1 - 2 years old making it almost brand new.

  • We also stock material that is made to hold light loads up to 10,000lbs per shelf.

  • Please do not think that when buying used you should have to compromise for a lesser product.

  • At Pallet Rack Surplus we understand the importance of selling our customers value.

4. Customer Service

  • When shopping for pallet rack you can expect excellent customer service from Pallet Rack Surplus.

  • Go to our services page to see all we have to offer to our customers.

  • Whether you are a small start-up company or large corporation expanding your operations. We will be there to assist your needs.

  • We are there all the way through to get the job done right. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

5. Location

  • Pallet Rack Surplus is located in Atlanta, GA. We buy pallet rack all over the U.S.

  • Many times we can supply your company with racks close to your location to save on freight charges.

  • Contact us to find out if we have material in your area.

Why Buy Used

Racking Styles



Teardrop Rack is the most common style of racking.  It is commonly referred to as "Old Style" and is on 2" centers.

Speed Rack


Keystone is often referred to as "Republic" Pallet Rack. Is has one hole in the center of the upright post that both beams connect in. It is a very simple and effective design that is easy to install and works well.


T-Bolt pallet rack is a common type of used racking. The beam connects to the upright with a tab and one T-Bolt in each beam clip. It is a great safety feature that keeps the beam from ever becoming dislodged.



New style interlake is a common style of rack that is also referred to as "New style teardrop". 


Popular style of rack manufactured in PA. It is heavy duty and is great for storing pallets.


Another very popular style of pallet racking commonly used in seismic locations. An advantage to structural pallet racking is that it is very impact resistant and tends to have heavier capacities than other styles of the same dimensions.


Sturdi-Bilt pallet rack consist of a "wedge lock pin" locking mechanism. The beam is set in place and the wedge clip is inserted from behind. It is very common and quality style of pallet rack.


Webb-Prest rack is a type of pallet rack that has the post on the upright welded backwards. The face of the post is facing inwards towards the bracing. It is often referred to as "Webb Rack" or "Prest Rack". 


3 prong beam connection. Recessed beam locking key integral part of beam assembly. Vertically adjustable in 3” increments.


Wedge-type locking action secures arm to upright. Vertically adjustable in 2” increments.

Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow is used for: Maximizing Storage Capacity, Increasing Throughput, Better Inventory Control


Weight Capacities


These capacities are based on teardrop beams. Each Style has a different capacity, please call us if you have questions on your racking capacity.

Beam Capacities:
Upright Capacities:

Buyers Guide


In order to determine what size of pallet racks you need you must first determine:

  1. The weight of the product you are storing.

  2. The dimensions of the product you are storing.

  3. If your products are going to be stored on pallets.

Once you have the size of your product determined, you need to measure the space that you are going to put your pallet racking in:

  1. How tall are your ceilings, or how tall are you wanting your racking.

  2. How deep do you want your racking to be?

  3. How long do you want your bays to be?

  4. How many levels do you want per bay?

Once everything is measured you can determine all your measurements and the quantity of everything you need.

  • Check out our inventory page to see what we have in stock and check our promotions page to see our items with an even greater discount.

  • If you know the quantity and measurements you can fill out a quote form.

  • If you do not know the quantity and measurements you can contact us and one of our sales team members can help you out.