Used Furniture Storage Cantilever Package

Cantilever Furniture Rack is perfect for furniture storage because of its versatile design.  Long length items such as sofas can be removed with no frontal obstructions to maneuver around so odd-sized and bulky items fit easily into cantilever rack.  

Cantilever arm length can vary depending on the depth of furniture being stored.  Wedge-type connectors maintain the arms position with rigidity.  Cantilever rack guide rails are available for quick and easy operation from order pickers so upholstery is not damaged by lift trucks.

Part List
  • 20' towers -------------------------------266        
  • 8' bases ---------------------------------266
  • 8' arms ---------------------------------1330
  • 93" beams -------------------------------600
  • 72" beams -------------------------------162
  • 96" 2X4 --------------------------------6240
  • angle iron with spring guides -----------4200
  • single sided 10' towers w/ 24" base --------13
  • 24" arms ----------------------------------13
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